The Largest Selection of Fireworks in the Midwest!

Cornellier Fireworks Co. specializes in high quality consumer fireworks such as firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, artillery shell kits, giant repeaters, fountains, sparklers, assortments, novelties and so much more!

Cornellier Fireworks Coupon Free Firecrackers Illinois Wisconsin
We feature our own Cornellier Badger brand fireworks, and we are a exclusive distributor of Great Grizzly brand. We also carry Glorious, Shogun, Brothers, Panda, Cannon, and BlackCat brand items.

Everything is Buy One- Get One Free (IN SHOW ROOM ONLY) – every day!

Cornellier Fireworks Co. operates stores along Interstate 90/94 in Wisconsin and a store in South Beloit, Illinois. We also have over 50 temporary locations through Wisconsin, open the months of June and July.

Visit Us for the Best Selection in the Midwest!

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